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JPS Chartered Surveyors are based at WORTH House, our 11,000 sq. ft. office and warehouse facility in North Manchester. In addition, we also have Albert Close (Whitefield) and Rose Mill (Middleton), increasing our total storage capacity to over 25,000 sq ft.  These facilities greatly enhances our capability for the storage and sale of assets allowing us to remove our reliance on subcontracted storage facilities, or to remain in occupation of premises.

We have invested heavily into information systems to assist in asset sales, particularly allowing us to manage inventory and handle accounts in accordance with RICS Member’s Account Rules.

We provide solutions to our clients when needed.  Our network of contacts and experience allows us to tailor solutions (no matter how obscure) and have included, as brief examples, obtaining valuations of property in Thailand within 24 hours of instruction, handling animals on repossessed land, repossessing properties to discover cannabis factories, handling fire at a waste processing site (whilst avoiding any cost liability with the Environment Agency), or attending site in New York to inspect assets.

JPS Chartered Surveyors work with local suppliers on a national basis and continue to seek to expand their network of suitable subcontractors.  We are interested in establishing relationships with companies, subject to pre-agreed Service Level Agreements within the following categories:

  • Logistics services – including vehicle relocation, specialist machinery removals, shipping, transportation;
  • Asset disposal agents – dealers within industry specialisations who will act as co-agents to market assets;
  • Chartered Surveyors providing property valuations – to provide reports on drive-by or inspected bases for all types of property, both residential and commercial, we frequently have requirements for overseas valuations;
  • Property agents – to act as co-agents for the disposal of commercial or residential properties. JPS often appoint local agents for property instructions on a joint-agency basis.
  • Other services – including locksmiths, security companies, builders (to secure premises).

We have equipment and tools on hand to allow us to provide a variety of activities from gaining entry to properties to installing temporary wireless CCTV systems.

We understand our clients’ frequent requirements to act on matters urgently and work with suppliers who comply with these requirements.