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The Administrators of Tre Ciccio Offer Three Italian Restaurants For Sale in the Greater Manchester Area | Express Interest by 12.00pm Wednesday 29 January...

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BUSINESS AND ASSETS FOR SALE | Education Recruitment Business | Express Interest by 17 January 2020 Our Client is seeking parties interested in the...

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Contents of Glazing Manufacturing Plant | Ends 22 January 2020 Lots Include: Lisec Cutting Line | Incl: cutting machine, laminated glass cutting bridge, cutting...

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Collective Auction | Lots Include: IT Equipment, Radiators, Hand Tools, Homewares, Storage Ideas and much more! Lots Include: Hand tools Carbon monoxide alarms IT...

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BUSINESS AND ASSETS FOR SALE – CHEMICAL SUPPLY BUSINESS Our Client is seeking parties interested in the purchase of the business and assets of...

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Our client is seeking parties interested in the purchase of the business and assets of a commercial vehicle repair business. Key Features Based in...