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Arrested For Ordering Tramadol Online, How To Get Tramadol Online Uk

Fourth generation professional auctioneers and valuers

Tramadol Legal To Buy Online

Deadline for Interest
17.00, 28 November 2018

Arrested For Ordering Tramadol Online, How To Get Tramadol Online Uk


Dow Schofield Watts Business Recovery LLP have been instructed by the Directors to assist in the sale of a business supplying medical services nationwide.

The Company provides medical and ambulance services throughout the UK with a head office in the North West and hubs across the UK.

Business Highlights

  • NHS Approved Supplier for emergency and non-emergency ambulance and transport services.
  • Provider of event medical cover.
  • Supplier of medical education and training.
  • Employs over 120 members of staff.
  • Leasehold head office.
  • 5 Leasehold hub premises in the UK.
  • Holds various national approval and accreditations.
  • Turnover of £4,699,949 for the year ended 31 December 2017 and £2,793,599 for 6 month period to 30 June 2018

Further details will be supplied subject to the signing of a confidentiality agreement.

Deadline for Offers
Offers are required by 17.00 on 28 November 2018.

Further details and contact information:
Alex Trust
7400 Daresbury Park
Warrington WA4 4BS
Tel: 0844 776 2740
Email: Order Tramadol Online Florida

Fiona Rae
7400 Daresbury Park
Warrington WA4 4BS
Tel: 0844 776 2740
Email: Order Tramadol Florida

To express your interest or submit queries email