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Tramadol Rx Purchase, Buy Cheap Tramadol Cod

Fourth generation professional auctioneers and valuers

Order Tramadol Online Florida

Offers by
by 12 noon Fri 20 October 2017
Express interest
Due to the company ceasing to trade on 31 October 2017 Should a satisfactory offer be received an offer may be accepted prior to the offer deadline above.

JPS Chartered Surveyors are seeking offers for the purchase of an active loan book.

The subject company will cease trading on 31 October 2017, therefore the due diligence process will be curtailed.

The sale will include the domain names and intellectual property rights including the trading name and trading style.

The computer hardware will be retained for access to client data by the proposed liquidator.

Pots Number of Customers Balance (£)
Active Plans 22 £6,684.13
Bankruptcy 2 £1,203.48
Day 1 2 £1,485.60
Day 3 1 £185.30
Day 5 2 £489.72
Days 15 – 30 2 £301.68
Days 31 – 40 3 £977.92
Days 41 – 50 24 £9,898.74
Days 51 – 59 7 £2,643.56
Days 60 – 90 49 £22,576.24
Days 8 – 14 4 £1,145.38
Debt Collection Agency 51 £24,289.89
Default Notice Issued 36 £17,903.27
DM New Request 1 £419.77
DM to Plan 13 £3,105.10
DRO 1 £386.50
Eligible for DCA 45 £26,379.22
Eligible for Write Off 11 £6,735.90
Forebearance 4 £1,442.84
IVA 11 £4,239.03
Legal 161 £79,946.80
Live Agreements 21 £5,315.78
One Off Promise to Pay 4 £1,274.37
Potential Fraud / Suspicious Activity 1 £1,200.00
Scottish Trust Deed 1 £393.77
Settled Agreements 2 -£22.95
Vulnerable Customers 2 £748.90
Grand Total 483 £221,349.94

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