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Fourth generation professional auctioneers and valuers

Order Tramadol Florida

Auction Link
Ends from 12 noon Tuesday 28 August 2018
WORTH House, 32 Stanley Road,
Whitefield, Manchester M45 8QX
10.00 - 16.00 Friday 24 August 2018

Online Auction | Artison Forklift | Jungheinrich Forklift | Yale Forklift | Ends 28 August 2018

Lots include:

  • Artison HFG25 Fork Lift
  • Jungheinrich EFG-DF 16 Forklift
  • Yale GLP25TF E2170 Forklif
1 Artison HFG25 Fork Lift
Model: HFG25
SN: HA00551
YOM: 2011
Rated Cpacity: 2320KG
Lift Height: 4800mm
Power: 37.4KW
Fuel: Propane Gas
Hours: 788This lot is suitable for the following collection types:
Lots must be collected by the stated deadline, unless agreed prior with JPS.
2 Jungheinrich EFG-DF 16 Forklift
Model: EFG-DF 16
SN: 87758897
Three wheel electric counterbalance Fork Lift Truck
Maximum lift capacity: 1,550 kg
Maximum lift height: 4,500 mm
This lot is suitable for the following collection types:
Lots must be collected by the stated deadline, unless agreed prior with JPS.
3 Yale GLP25TF E2170 Forklift
Model: GLP25TF E2170
SN: E177B02414R
Weight: 4300KG
Maximum Capacity: 2240KG
This lot is suitable for the following collection types:
Lots must be collected by the stated deadline, unless agreed prior with JPS.
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Want to find out more about us?

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