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Order Tramadol Online In Ohio, Shop Tramadol Online

Fourth generation professional auctioneers and valuers

Order Tramadol Florida

Auction Link
Ends from 13.00 Wednesday 05 December 2018
Details Provided On Request
10.00 - 14.00 Tuesday 04 December 2018

Order Tramadol Online In Ohio, Shop Tramadol Online

Lots Include:

  • Gas Forklift Truck
  • Edward Pearson Pressbrake
  • Nisshinbo Turret Press
  • Robot Welder
  • Bentley 70 Tonne Press
  • Clarke Pressure Washer
  • BHP Decoiler
  • Butters Welder
  • Welding Torch
  • Welding Rotating Machine
  • Handtools
  • Compressors
  • Fabricated cabin/office
1 Fiat gas forklift truck 2 tonne high mastModel: 756OM G23S/N: 5134540145Hours: 12441
2 3 x Various fabricated steel benches
3 Bentley 70 tonne pressModel: E50S/N: OLD2with Price safety guards
4 Clarke pressure washerModel: Tiger 2900S/N: 7320056Capacity: 4 Litre fuel tank
5 BHP decoilerCapacity: 1220x610S/N: 8333**NOT WORKING**
6 Butters welderModel: XL weld 400SS/N: XL4022with Butters feeder unitModel: XL
7 10 Var stillages
8 Parweld welding torchModel: XTM4035S/N: 14041322174with Parweld feeder unitModel: XTMWF100S/N: 14041322165
9 Welding rotating machine**NO COMPUTER**
10 Edward Pearson pressbrakeModel: TR4 100x4100M/c No: 973 ISS1S/N: 973900099with DNC 30 control panel (weigh 10,000kg) and sick light guard
11 Nisshinbo turret press
Model: MAP630
S/N: 631144
YOM: 1989
with separate control panel
Capacity: 30 Tonne
Ram/Loreth: 32mm
Sheet Size: 600
12 Phoenix electronic scales
Model: 3590 ET
S/N: 73517259
calibrated till 2018
Table top scales
S/N: 20160520042
Floor/Pallet scales
Zebra label printer
Model: BK420D
S/N: 28J171200168
DOM: 2017
13 Hare hydraulic press
Model: 5BS
S/N: 7820583
14 Conveyer and levelling machine
15 Warrior 2000kg pallet truck with 6ft long forks
16 2500kg Pallet truck
17 Novoferm levelling machine
18 BHP 3ft guillotine
Capacity: 610×1.6
S/N: 8335
19 Atlas Copco compressor
Model: GA118
with Compare Broomwade thermal dryer and air receiving tank
20 Robot welder
Model: Robot Arc Mate 100i
with Fanuc control unit
Model system: R-J2
with Jig and panelled compound
OTC welder
Model: XDM350 CPXDM350
S/N: P10517Y972006
YOM: 2009
with Robotic arm
Model: F32496
21 Littell double sided decoiler
S/N: 40-18
Coil weight 4000 lb – max wideth 3 inch
S/N: 86513-81
22 Herbert floor pillar drill
23 Banding Machine and 8 rolls banding coil
24 Bosch hammer drill
Model: GSB21-2RE
25 Makita angle grinder
Model: GA9020
S/N: 594242R
DOM: 2011
26 Dewalt electric saw with battery **NO CHARGER**
Model: DC5380
27 DeWalt type 1 angle grinder
Single phase
Model: DW64206
28 Pro sander 1 ph. In case
29 Bosch GBH No. 4 DFE hammer drill 3ph.
30 DeWalt drill with battery and charger in case
Model: DCD785
31 Carroll & Meynell 110V transformer
3.3KVA with 2 sets 3ph. Extention leads
32 Workzone turbo fan gas heater
Model: RT19000
33 Howard Scales Ltd digital crane scale
Capacity: 5000kg
34 3 Open metal cabinets containing 2 socket sets, sockets and assorted hand tools
35 Thermal Arc welder Model Fabricator 330 S/n M05050401001
36 2.5 HP solitare air compressor
37 Pollard triple head drill
38 Pedrazolli troncatrice
39 Clarke floor mounter pillar drill
Model: CDP501F
S/n: 6505590
40 20 x Boxes AWS – ER70S-6
1mm dia welding wire
41 UMS Universal marking systems machine **NOT WORKING**
Model: E8
S/N: 71478
YOM: 2013
42 Hardness tester
43 Homemade decoiling machine
44 Fabricated cabin/office **CONTENTS NOT INCLUDED**
45 Fabricated cabin/office
9ft (w) x 27ft (L)
Order Tramadol Discount

To view catalogue and bid