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Fourth generation professional auctioneers and valuers

Order Tramadol Online Florida

Deadline for Interest
11 April 2017 16:00




  • Based in the North West
  • Turnover
  • £484,000  8 months to December 2016
  • £948,000  12 months to April 2016
  • £1,349,000       18 Months to April 2015
  • Leasehold premises  with office and showroom
  • Experienced workforce of 5 many years of combined experience and qualifications in electrical engineering, electronic engineering, corporate and domestic ICT, audio, video, distribution and integration technologies, even mechanics.

 Opportunity to acquire the following business and assets:

  • Unencumbered office furniture and equipment
  • Work in Progress
  • Stock  Cost price £13,000
  • Goodwill, IPR and Website

 Deadline for expressions of interest: 11 April 2017 16:00

For further details and to receive an NDA please contact:

Michael Gabel – Tel: 0161 767 8001

Email: Mike.G@JPSsurveyors.co.uk




For further details and to receive an NDA please contact:

Michael Gabel – Tel: 0161 767 8001

Email: Order Tramadol Florida

Uk Tramadol Online

For further details and to receive an NDA please contact:

Michael Gabel – Tel: 0161 767 8001

Email: Order Tramadol Florida