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When instructed to manage and sell assets we have to consider the most suitable sales process for the benefit of the client, to provide the highest net realisations. With the acquisition of WORTH House, an 11,000 sq.ft. sale, storage and office facility, we are able to relocate assets where required, to reduce rental and other liability whilst securing the assets of the company, particularly in relation to insolvency instructions. In addition, we also have exclusive occupation of Albert Close in Whitefield and Rose Mill in Middleton

We frequently hold on-site sales of assets throughout the UK where circumstance requires.

Since the early seventeenth century when the ‘inch of candle’ was used to concentrate the bargaining process, auctions have been at the forefront of asset sales.

Prior to an instruction to dispose of assets, we provide a proposal outlining our recommendations for the most appropriate sale strategies, timetable of activities, reporting formalities and outline our opinions as to market conditions, along with a clear indication of fees and maximum expense budgets.

Asset disposal strategies may incorporate a combination of sales by Traditional Auction, Tender or Private Treaty as well as online marketplace functionality which we brand as ASSETtrail utilising online auctions and fixed price listings on Amazon, eBay and other platforms including Bidspotter.

With our extensive investment in resources, we can provide sale strategies embracing internet sales.  Clients benefit from our brand marketing of ASSETtrail and impressive levels of customer service which has resulted in impressive return rates from purchasers who tend to go directly to the ASSETtrail store, or attend at our premises.

We have always provided solutions to our clients with well managed expectations and have a proven track record to handle instructions of all sizes, often under unavoidable constraints.

All monies held by JPS Chartered Surveyors are in a designated client’s account which is fully compliant with the Members Account Rules of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).