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JPS Chartered Surveyors act on behalf of a number of legal professionals in relation to proceedings where expert advice is required in relation to valuation issues, or professional practice within the scope of our expertise.

Mark Isaacs MRICS BSc (Hons), Director of JPS Chartered Surveyors, is an accredited expert witness having achieved an Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence.

We act in relation to matters concerning Proceeds of CrimeMatrimonial Disputes, Probate, and other civil proceedings.

The services we provide to legal professionals include:

  • Preparation of Valuation Reports for Machinery and Business Assets, in compliance with RICS Valuation Professional Standards (as an expert witness, where required) to assist in disputes concerning the value of subject assets or professional practice;
  • Nationwide provision of property valuations on required bases of valuation, using our panel of RICS property valuers who act on a sub-contract basis;
  • Relocation and storage of assets, where required, to our 11,000 sq. ft. fixed storage facility located in Whitefield, Manchester;
  • Sale of assets by auction, online-auction, tender, private treaty or online multi-channel marketplaces through ASSETtrail.