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JPS Chartered Surveyors act on behalf of a number of Insolvency Practitioners in relation to personal insolvency matters including Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) or bankruptcy.  We have considerable experience and expertise to understand our clients’ requirements and our duty to act in the best interest of all creditors. We have developed our resources and knowledge management capabilities to provide a truly unique offering to instructing clients.

The services we provide to Insolvency Practitioners vary from case to case to reflect the circumstances and may including:

  • Provision of Valuation Reports on subject properties provided on a nationwide basis;
  • System integration with clients to allow management of protracted instructions with verification exercises following amendments issued by creditors;
  • Valuation reports can be based on internal or limited external inspections.
  • When a personal insolvency relates to a sole trader or partnership, where business assets are involved, we provide services as per Order Tramadol Online Cash On Deliveryinstructions.