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JPS Chartered Surveyors act on behalf of private companies in relation to valuation requirements and the sale of surplus assets.

We have considerable experience and expertise to understand our clients’ requirements and have developed our resources and capabilities to obtain the highest net realisationĀ providing a truly unique offering to instructing clients.

The services we provide to instructing clients vary from case to case to reflect the circumstances and may include:

  • Disposal of surplus assets from site closure to individual machinery surplus to requirements;
  • Strategic sale and distribution of stock to include on-line sales or bulk sales, with full logistical and fulfilmentĀ services, providing an end-to-end service;
  • Valuation of assets for Financial Purposes including determination of VPMB (Value of Plant and Machinery to the Business) for presentation in accounts;
  • Provision of Market Value of company assets to test against impairment;
  • Consignment Agents – your external sales force! Service Level Agreements are established to determine pre-agreed minimum prices, delivery parameters, costs and fees for us to sell your goods through online-marketplaces, whilst providing storage, logistical and fulfillment support.