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JPS Chartered Surveyors work with local suppliers on a national basis and continue to seek to expand their network of suitable subcontractors.  We are interested in establishing relationships with companies, subject to pre-agreed Service Level Agreements within the following categories:

  • Logistics services – including vehicle relocation, specialist machinery removals, shipping, transportation;
  • Asset disposal agents – dealers within industry specialisations who will act as co-agents to market assets;
  • Chartered Surveyors providing property valuations – to provide reports on drive-by or inspected bases for all types of property, both residential and commercial, we frequently have requirements for overseas valuations;
  • Property agents – to act as co-agents for the disposal of commercial or residential properties. JPS often appoint local agents for property instructions on a joint-agency basis.
  • Other services – including locksmiths, security companies, builders (to secure premises).